About Us

Wheels for All Oxford provides cycling opportunities for adults (16+) and we aim to make it inclusive so it really is for ‘all’.

Some riders come with a carer or supporter; others are independent and come to the session on their own or with a friend. Some may be recovering from an accident or learning how to cycle with an impairment and want to try out a variety of cycles, including our e-bikes to see what best suits their needs; others come because they haven’t cycled for a long time and want to practice and build their confidence.

Some participants come to enjoy cycling with a friend or partner, especially if one of them is less able. Some come to learn to cycle and practice their skills in a safe, supportive environment or simply to enjoy riding outdoors in a traffic free space.

All our participants come for the fun, fresh air, and exercise.

Meet the Team

Bruce Inker

Club Chair, volunteer


Steve Unwin

Club Secretary, session leader, mechanic, volunteer


Jennifer Tait

Club Treasurer, administrator, session leader, welfare officer, volunteer


Steve (Sticky) Leach

Volunteer mechanic

Garry Miller

Volunteer, tandem pilot

Christine Herbert

Session Leader, volunteer

Philippa Major

Session Leader, Volunteer

Liz Matthews


Guy Matthews


Rory Willet

Volunteer, Participant

Sue Gunn


Tom Spain


Hope Tait


Tom Williams


John Booty


Our Bikes

We have a large fleet of bikes, from traditional two wheeled bicycles to four wheeled ride-alongs. Just bring along your enthusiasm. We’ve got the rest.

Our History

Wheels for All – Oxford (The Club) was set up in 2012 with the assistance of Cycling Projects Ltd – an inclusive cycling charity.  It was run for several years by the Sports Disability department of the City Council.  In 2018, this department became Active Oxfordshire – a charitable organisation promoting physical activity in Oxfordshire and in 2019; management and responsibility for the Club was transferred to Steve Unwin (one of the founding volunteers from 2012) and Jennifer Tait, a qualified Bikeability instructor and ride leader.

Since 2019 the Club has been further developed. The sessions are now run weekly and participation has more than doubled. The club is run by a fantastic team of dedicated and energetic Session Leaders and Volunteers and supported generously by grants and donations. The Club was delighted to receive the Active Award of the Year at the 2019 Oxfordshire Sports Awards.

There are many Wheels for All Groups around the country (approx 50 at present).  Cycling Projects Charity* based in Manchester helped set up many of the local groups.  Some of the local groups are run by the charity, whilst others, such as Wheels for All Oxford, are run independently.  There are two local groups in Oxfordshire, ourselves and our friends Wheels for All Witney (which is run by the Windrush Bike Project).

Our friends and sponsors